Welcome to our website

Our company began as a home-based computer-repair startup in 2004. In may of 2005, we established the company and expanded into videography, photography, and marketing. After experiencing substantial growth in our computer-repair division, we founded LA Computer Doctors in 2011. LA Computer Doctors provided on-site computer-repair services to major businesses in the South Bay Area and greater Los Angeles area. In 2013, NisalTec LLC began providing IT consulting services specializing in COBOL programming in St.Louis, Missouri. In 2015, NisalTec LLC acquired KumaTravels, a South Bay passenger-shuttle service. Since then, we have expanded its network of clientele and vehicles. The future seems bright, we aim to grow our transportation, and IT consulting divisions, and expand into real estate. 

Our company’s major goal has always been to enrich the community and the world. We aim to empower those in our community to seek entrepreneuring opportunities to become self-sufficient and live a purposeful life. Our intention is to fuel the empowerment and expansion of the mind. For the past years, we have achieved that by donating extensively to major meditation retreats worldwide. Thus, expanding on our mission from its earliest inception. Positivity is the lifeblood of our company and we aim to spread it with every operation we undertake.